Info Pilot

25. May 2023

Info Pilot is a note-taking browser extension that will show you relevant notes based on the websites you visit.

Notes consists of a trigger and the note content. The trigger is not a title, but is used to determine whether the note is relevant to your current page. If the trigger appears on the page, the note will appear in the 'On this page' section in this popup.

I programmed this with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


25. May 2023

WordSwapper is a fun tool for swapping words on the web.

You can choose which words should be swapped with which other words. For example you can say 'Cookie' should be swapped with 'Biscuit'.

You can also specify websites you do not want swaps to occur on. For example, you might not want swaps to occur on emails.

I programmed this with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Css snippets

9. March 2023

CSS snippets allow you to change the look of the web, by adding pieces of CSS code to websites.

This can be very useful and has a very wide range of use cases. For example, you can hide elements you don't like on a page, change a color on a page, or add animations to a page.

The extension is structured by having a list of snippets, each has a title so you can differentiate them, a list of applicable URLs, and then the actual CSS code, you can also toggle each individual snippet on and off.

I programmed this with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


13. July 2022

PixelWire is a small technical 2D game inspired by redstone in Minecraft.

There is no defined objective in the game, you have to come up with your own challenges and try to figure out how to achieve them.

It is coded with HTML, CSS, and mainly Javascript.

Sapphire Site Blocker

5. January 2022

Sapphire Site Blocker is as the name suggests a site blocker. Which allows you to block websites, subpages, and even just words from the URLs you visit online.

Sapphire is very flexible, with both a black- and whitelist, so you can for example block but allow or

You can also choose any website / URL that you want to be redirected to when a site is blocked.

Sapphire also comes with a built-in focus mode, which makes it harder to turn Sapphire off, and allows you to track how much time you have spent being productive.

Sapphire is mainly coded in javascript and it is a chrome extension made with the Manifest V3 for Chrome Extensions.


15. November 2021

Textify is a tool that turns an image into ASCII text.

You can choose different ASCII image resolutions, which ASCII characters to use, and whether or not to include colors.

If you want to paste the result, make sure it is pasted in a mono font, and that the lines are not wrapped in the middle.

The copy button will not keep the color of the text, so if you wish to copy that, then select and copy the text manually.

The first version of Textify was released on the 15. November 2021, but I completely remade it from scratch in April 2023. It's made in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The app of uselessness

6. August 2020

The app of uselessness is a very silly app. The core concept behind it is "everything that can't be on a phone, on a phone".

So in the app, you'll find things like a hairdryer, sunglasses, and a hammer, which of course can't ever work on a phone.

I purely made it for fun in the summer holiday of 2020.

It is coded with Dart and Flutter.