Hello, I am

Tobias Hewel

Recent Projects

Info Pilot

Info Pilot is a note-taking browser extension that will show you relevant notes based on the websites you visit.


WordSwapper is a fun tool for swapping words on the web.

Css snippets

CSS snippets allow you to change the look of the web, by adding pieces of CSS code to websites.

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About me

Hi, I'm a 18 year old guy based in Denmark.

I love programming. I make a lot of different projects, everything from browser extensions to fun tools and websites. I mainly code in Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Here on my website I link to my favorite projects I've published.

I also like designing. I've designed this website myself and I design all my own projects too. I design UI but I also like making illustrations and animations. I post those on my Instagram.


You are always welcome to email me at me@tobiashewel.com.